Image: Thanakorn Telan

Launch 6pm 24 May
Running 25-30 May
Talk 2.30pm 26 May

In-Spire Galerie
56 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin 1

Opening Hours Mon-Sun 11.30am-5.30pm/Tue 29th late opening 11.30am-8pm

This exhibition is a collaboration between the Art Nude Ireland Collective and Echiquier. The images on display represent the gamut of the genre of art nude photography. The participants are both professional photographers and models, and non-professionals. The exhibition consists of 48 images with essentially equal representation of the work of the models and photographers of the Irish and French collectives. The exhibition, by covering the gamut of the genre, will allow viewers to experience the range of imagery that constitutes the canon of art nude photography.

There will be a talk on the subject of Art Nude photography on Saturday 26th May at 2:30pm.

Art Nude Ireland is a collective of photographers and models working to develop the art nude photography genre in Ireland. Formed in 2015 by photographers Douglas Ross, Eamonn Farrell and model Marija Kanda. ANI hosts open events to present and discuss its work, with the purpose of achieving a wider understanding and acceptance of nude photography both by the general public and within the artistic community. While nudity has long been accepted in other art forms, such as painting and sculpture, when presented as a photograph, the nude is too often associated only with sexuality. By showing the highly varied work of its members to a wide audience ANI aims to show that nudity in photography can be portrayed in as many ways as in any other form of creative expression. ANI Members create work individually and also work together as a collective. The collective held its inaugural exhibition at Filmbase in September 2017.

As collaborator, Échiquier is an international association representing the trends of photographic art across 35 nations whose aim is to promote the artistic work of its members in all its forms through exhibitions, colloquia, workshops and teaching, editions and all forms of communication that can highlight the works of its members. It periodically asks external speakers to run workshops, conferences and other activities related to art in general.