Image: Sophie McAtasney

Launch 6pm Thu 3 May
Running 4-17 May

Duncairn Arts Centre
Antrim Road, Belfast

Opening Hours Mon-Fri 9am-4:30pm

Lux is the final year exhibition by HND Photography students from South Eastern Regional College, Bangor. Each photographer has produced work based on a self-identified and self-initiated project, the culmination of a sustained period of investigation. The exhibition represents individual approaches to a range of diverse subjects such as light, still life, space and memory.

Lewis McClatchey’s series of still-life images is based around household objects. The plastered surface of china cups and saucers homogenises the objects creating familiar yet unsettling imagery.

Evie Williamson’s series captures the play of found light, creating images which are physically fragmented and demonstrate a tonal journey across the frame; metaphors for the transient nature of life.

Michelle Moloney’s Archival Traces is a visual exploration of bogland on the island of Ireland. The work is primarily concerned with these landscapes as repositories, sites of memory, of preservation: dormant fragments of the past.

Katie Marshall’s Kioku explores childhood memories by encapsulating the spirit of a location and the resulting experiences in a playful and surreal manner. This work is inspired by past work entitled Interpreting Anxiety.

Sophie McAtasney’s series of still life images is based on making common foods iconic through abstract, non-objective photography that doesn’t have an immediate association with the outside world.

Eris Crawley plays about with light and shadow, inspired by the work of Walter Peterhan’s work with a variety of materials and how they are affected by light. The objects used in her pictures are unknown, however that is what makes it interesting, drawing the viewer into her work.

Amy Clarke takes an imaginative approach to her work, trying to create thought provoking and memorable pieces. Her current work is about illustrating the effect that the food industry has had upon the cosmetic industry in terms of how they advertise and name their makeup products. She has created a sense of playful surrealism by combining both product types to exhibit this influence.