Join us for the launch of the 9th edition of PhotoIreland Festival in Dublin

PhotoIreland Festival 2018 Launch Trail
Thursday 3 May 2018

3-5pm Talk: The Politics of the Long Haul at NCAD-Harry Clark Lecture Theatre. In the lead up to the festival launch, join us for the talk The Politics of the Long Haul: Photography, Pro-Choice Artistic Practices and the Archive, with artists Laia Abril, Emma Campbell and Sarah Cullen.
5.30pm On route to the launch, we will stop by to enjoy Gerry Balfe Smyth, Last Breath, at at Pallas Projects.
6pm Festival Launch with the opening of Laia Abril’s exhibition On Abortion and Sarah Cullen’s You Shall Have Exactly What You Want at The Copper House Gallery.
9pm After-Party and launch of FUTURES EU Platform, at The Liquor Rooms, with cocktail punch bowl, a selection of refreshments, and delicious food.

The talk The Politics of the Long Haul has been organised by Photography/Archives/Ireland. Laia Abril exhibition has been kindly sponsored and printed by The Copper House Gallery, and Laia Abril’s presence has been supported by the Instituto Cervantes in Dublin.